TYGON® SPT-3350 tubing Tubes

Food and beverage dispensing hose

The Tygon SPT-3350 hose has ultra-smooth inner walls, which reduces the risk of particle entrapment and provides excellent flow properties. It is ideal for use in processing highly sensitive substances in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, analysis and laboratories. Tygon SPT-3350 is a platinum cured silicone tubing and is ideal for use in medical devices, sterile fill lines, chemical and blood analysers as well as the food and cosmetic industries.

- Temperature resistance: -80°C to +204°C.
- Hardness (Shore A): 50
- Service life: +/- 75 hours
- Certifications: FDA 21 CFR 175.300, NSF 51, 3-A Sanitary Standard No. 18-01.


- Food industry
- Laboratory and analyses
- Biotechnology
- Chemistry and blood analysis equipment
- Cosmetics industry

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